The retiring type

Tulkinghorn has long looked forward to the moment when he can hang up his pinstripes and spend more time with Mrs Tulkinghorn (though he often asks just where he will fit into her life, what with her avid membership of the bridge club, the Women's Institute, watercolour for beginners, and so on). So his sympathy goes out to former SJ Berwin partner Maurice Fireman, who has just retired after closing a deal he started way back in 1995. Poor old Fireman had to hang around until some tricky planning and rights of light issues were satisfied, allowing the deal to go ahead.
He told Tulkinghorn: “This must be one of the longest transactions that I have seen. It's fitting that I've finally been able to put it to bed a mere number of weeks before I retire. Since the transaction began, I've had four grandchildren, and Sarah Bailey who acted for Network Housing at Trowers & Hamlins, was an assistant when the deal began and is now a partner, having had two or three children in the meantime. Senior surveyor at Delancey Tim Haden-Scott, who actually started the deal as an agent when he worked for Colliers CRE before coming in-house, has also had three children. Every time there was a meeting on the deal, it was a gathering of old friends.”
Looking back over his career, Fireman said that he has never been bored in his professional life and has always enjoyed what he has done. However, he has always considered it an intrusion into his private life, which he can now concentrate on. Tulkinghorn often feels the same way.