Taiwanese firm breaks Chinese deadlock

Lee and Li has become the first Taiwanese law firm to open an office in the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

The Shanghai venture gives Lee and Li its first foreign office.
Lee and Li will use the office to advise Taiwanese and global clients on foreign direct investment in the PRC. It advises the Taiwanese government on corporate and banking reforms and has huge corporate clients such as Ford, McDonald’s, Sony and Toshiba. The firm will operate under the name Lee and Li Business Consultants.
Partner Bo-Sen Von will move to Shanghai with Julian Yen, a senior associate. As non-PRC lawyers can practise only in areas related to foreign direct investment, the firm will also rely on local PRC firms for Chinese law advice.
The move follows Taiwan and the PRC’s entry into the World Trade Organisation, which meant that certain parts of China and Taiwan were reopened for the first time in decades. Yen said: “The attitude of the PRC government is still uncertain. Because of the political situation, we’re not quite sure whether we’ll be treated as foreign or PRC lawyers.”