Garretts property head quits for TJG

Garretts property head Keith Barnett has secured his place at Taylor Joynson Garrett (TJG) after a partnership vote and is expected to take a team of around five assistants with him

Barnett presents a number of clear synergies with TJG. The Embankment firm has been interested in him for a long time, so it is no surprise that the deal has been clinched ahead of any agreement to take on Garretts’ corporate or employment partners.
TJG’s property profile has traditionally had a heavy finance accent. Under John Whitfield’s leadership it went someway towards redressing the balance a couple of years ago when it acquired Richard Grosse and with him relationships with a number of developers.
Barnett’s key relationships at Garretts include London & Regional, Stannifer and Warner Estate Holdings. Other key London property clients, such as Lattice and Scottish Widows, are more closely tied to Dundas & Wilson and are unlikely to follow Barnett to TJG.
Barnett also makes a good cultural fit at TJG. A key strategy at Garretts was to train all of its property lawyers to work on the corporate and financial aspects of property deals, a mentality shared at TJG. Given his earlier background at DJ Freeman, Barnett is also used to managing a whole transaction. He has avoided the big-firm mentality for posting different parts of a transaction out to different parts of the empire.