Moving ahead from the 'blame' culture

This week's announcement of a grassroots movement calling for new leadership at the Law Society must be music to the ears of many solicitors up and down the country who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the shambles at Chancery Lane.

Never have so many press pages been devoted to the internal machinations of a professional body; never before has so much interest been directed at this institution's president.

Many no doubt agree with some of the sentiments expressed – bureaucracy is irksome, particularly when the profession is paying out money for its upkeep, and the Law Society has difficulty communicating with the profession and earning its respect.

Many would give credit to Martin Mears for highlighting these problems.

However, the negative way in which this has been done, and the conflict it has caused, has harmed the standing of the profession in the eyes of both the opinion formers and the consumers.

It is difficult for average solicitors who live far away from the nub of the action to actually work out what is happening within the hallowed walls of the Law Society.

However, what they must bear in mind is the ongoing negative image of the profession which is being drip-fed, via the media, to the general public.

The profession needs a strong leader who will constructively and positively deal with the problems facing the profession.

There is no place for the "blame" syndrome. There is no place for negativity.

The Campaign for New Leadership wants to move the profession forwards in unity and has promised to find candidates who will stand on this ticket.

Let them step forward as soon as possible.