Litigation Personal Injury 13/05/96

Kownacki v Metropolitan Police – QBD, 29 April 1996

Claimant: Andrew Kownacki, 31

Incident: False imprisonment

Injuries: Malicious arrest; plaintiff arrested during drug raid on public house in Hammersmith, London, where he worked as barman

Jury award: £108,750 – £45,000 award for punitive damages

Judge: Mr Justice French

Plaintiff's solicitors: Cart-wrights, Bristol

Mansfield v Bacon – 29 April 1996

Claimant: Brian Mansfield, 57

Incident: Road traffic accident; head on collision

Injuries: Severe head injuries causing permanent brain damage; symptoms include intolerance of others, tendency to outbreaks of rage; fractures of both ankles, right hip and rib cage; at time of accident claimant was managing director of successful design company; now works as part time lecturer in business and management studies and said to be shadow of the man he was

Award: £263,424

Judge: Sir Ronald Waterhouse

Plaintiff's solicitors: Freemond & Co, London

Reed v Coull – QBD, 30 April 1996

Claimant: Paul Reed, 43

Incident: Road traffic accident; head on collision

Injuries: Right leg and ankle shattered; claimant said to suffer continuing pain and to be unable to work full day; judge held that while accident had been terrible experience, severity of injuries exaggerated; secret film footage shot by inquiry agent showed claimant driving tractor, working on his farm and indicated he had made "excellent recovery"

Award: £73,73Judge: Judge William Crawford QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: Kennedys, Brentwood

Davies v Bartram – 29 April 1996

Claimant: Leonard Davies, 34

Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Head injuries; brain damage; a former university librarian claimant cannot speak or walk; can only communicate by using left hand to press buzzer for yes or no responses

Award: £900,000 (agreed damages) to be structured

Judge: Mr Justice May

Plaintiff's solicitors: Evill & Coleman, London