Hunton’s on the ball

Tulkinghorn gives a big thumbs-up to Hunton & Williams for a cracking do at its swanky new offices in the Gherkin last Tuesday. The event was planned with precision timing. The move had been delayed and you could still smell the fresh paint on the walls – staff had only moved in the day before.

A night like this lends itself to much material for Tulkinghorn, but the favourite moment came when that one-man walking Tulk himself, Matthew Williams, sidled over to one of Tulkinghorn’s minions to “make sure you’ve got enough for the Tulkinghorn column”. Tulkinghorn literally swelled with pride when said hack reported Williams’ comment back to him.

Other highlights included a giant Amazonian-type women playing the sax, Diageo’s former general counsel and now Hunton managing partner Wally Martinez extolling the virtues of malt whiskey (Tulkinghorn’s scribe naturally challenged him to prove it by sending him a sample so he could judge for himself), and the emptying of the top two floors of one of London’s premier entertainment spots (ie the Gherkin) when the guests realised Hunton had laid on the Chelsea v Barcelona game.