Talking out of one’s …

Well. What a to-do about a photo. Last week’s picture of Arsenal footballer Ashley Cole was enough to make one shocked lawyer fight a rearguard action on the footballer’s defence.

Cole, you remember, was found guilty of involvement in an illegal approach to Chelsea. The photo – sourced direct from Reuters with no editing by The Lawyer – was of Cole in front of the name (or at least some of the letters of the name) of his club. John Hewison, a lawyer at Manchester-based George Davies Solicitors, was so bummed out by the pic that he felt compelled to write: “As a lawyer much involved in football on behalf of the PFA [Professional Footballers’ Association], and in case Mr Cole’s solicitor might be thought too sensitive to his client’s interests, can I express how appalled I am to see the photograph you have chosen to put behind your article about Ashley in today’s [6 June] edition. It has clearly been edited to read ‘ARSE’ behind him, and is what one might expect of a partisan article in a Sunday tabloid but not worthy of The Lawyer. I hope you will either print this email or another suitable apology in your next edition.”

Thank you, Mr Hewison, for getting to the bottom of the matter. We’re right behind you. Honest.