Credit where it’s due

There was more fallout from Tulkinghorn’s inaugural Little League table of large-familied partners.

This from Neil Mirchandani, corporate and financial litigation partner at Lovells: “I was very amused to see [the] Little League. Needless to say, I cannot comment on the figures except to say that five is right. However, I am now in bad odour with my wife, Imogen Moss, who is a real estate partner at Allen & Overy, who is bemused that she can do all the hard work but I get the credit!! Thanks.”

Sorry Neil, and even sorrier Imogen, who later told Tulkinghorn: “His comments are very astute, as I was preparing to make him do all the early mornings.”

In a late entry to the table, Clifford Chance partner and procreator extraordinaire David Steinberg shoots to joint top of the table with seven offspring. Is there anyone out there who can best him?