Stealing a march

The Lawyer Hot 100 has been and gone, and unfortunately some lawyers didn't make it in.

But the award for the quirkiest lawyer of the year must go, once again, to David Wineman founding partner Irving David. Remember him? When profiled by The Lawyer in 1999 he shared these words of wisdom with the legal community: “I've never seen a flying saucer… and I don't profess to having been abducted, but I don't think believing in UFOs makes one an 'odd bod'. From what I've heard of what they do to you… I'd rather extract my own semen than have it done for me.”

Cut to 2002, when for his Christmas greeting Irving channelled his… er… individuality into this rather strange card. He has in fact superimposed his head, ensconced in a charming bobble hat, onto the body of the Regimental Director of Music of the Massed Bands of the Guards Division in this photo of the Queen's Jubilee parade.

Tulkinghorn can happily admit that this is the only Christmas card he's keeping – adding it to his growing collection of Irving's unique cards.

After sending the card, Irving packed himself off to a health farm for Christmas and New Year. Tulkinghorn sincerely hopes that the detox did him some good.