Kilroy woz GC

General counsel moves up to take CEO role at Misys

It isn’t often that a general counsel has the opportunity to step up to the role of CEO – and that’s an understatement. But that is precisely what happened when IT specialist Misys announced that Tom Kilroy was to be made acting CEO following the resignation of present chief Mike Lawrie.

Kilroy has been at Misys since August 2009 and has gained much in the way of experience during stints at GE Healthcare and Hasbro International. Nonethelesss, he will have a tough challenge ahead of him as he prepares to lead the company through its £2bn merger talks with fellow banking software company Temenos.

However, his posts on his GC’s Eye View blog and his tweets as @kilroyt reveal that he knows more than a bit about the theory behind leadership.

As Kilroy noted in his blogpost entitled ’Leadership, Lawyers & the British’ in January 2011: “Why is it that, when it comes to the world of business, lawyers spend a lot of time agonising about their role and trying to articulate clearly how they add value, instead of getting on and leading theirorganisations?”

Well now Kilroy is definitely getting on with it. Further into the blogpost Kilroy posed lawyers the question: “Is your CEO listening to you?”

If any CEO is likely to listen to his in-house lawyers it is Kilroy, and as his own leadership skills are put to the test he has a chance to show he can do much more than just talk the talk.