Stage coached

“A float, a float, my bonus for a float.” The Bard’s immortal lines,slightly retooled, will soon bespilling forth from the lips of specially schooled lawyers nationwide.
Rada, or to non-luvvies the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art,
is launching a programme of specially tailored courses for law firms later this year.
Run by tutors from what the blurb accurately describes as the
home of thesp greats such as Lord Richard Attenborough and
the late Sir John Mills, the courses will focus on personal
presentation skills, effective communication and chairing
skills and techniques that will help lawyers develop “a voice of influence”.
Which is fine. But what Tulkinghorn would really like to
see is Law: The Musical. Gasp as the gritty story of David Childs unfolds to the sound of showtunes.
Shed tears as he fights his way through the backstreets of
cost control to save the partners from years of penury. Rejoice as he claims his rightful seat at the pinnacle of the world’s most glamorous firm, finding glory at
the same time (probably).