In the face of diversity

As readers will be aware, last November saw the Government’s report on increasing diversity in the legal profession. To nudge things along a little, Bridget Prentice MP subsequently wrote to the UK’s top firms and barristers’ chambers for stats on the demographic make-up of their lawyers.

However, using his immense initiative, Tulkinghorn decided to do a spot of diversity research of his own to see how clued up the City’s leading legal institutions really are – and how reassured he was by the results.

Among the most forward-thinking outfits he found was Blackstone Chambers, which has a Stena stairlift – a great innovation and doubly handy for those evenings when walking up the stairs is simply too much effort.

But Tulkinghorn’s favourite came from an insider at Brick Court Chambers, who responded to the enquiry by saying: “Diversity? We’re overrun with women!”