Don’t quote me on that

“We were approached on a potential job which we pitched for and didn’t get, but they were impressed with what we put in front of them.”

Steven Bryan
Steven Bryan

Basket of muffins was it? Tickets to We Will Rock You? Come on, Hogan Lovells corporate partner Steven Bryan, you can tell us. (City column, 4 October)

“One partner I worked with said this was the most complicated case he’d worked on in 26 years as a lawyer.”

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek’s Christmas murder mystery weekend was a real doozy, according to partner Ruud Hermans. (City column, 4 October)

“I don’t have any ambitions to sit in my garden and I don’t play golf, so a portfolio life suits me very well.”

Former Herbert Smith senior partner David Gold on his post-retirement plans and why he won’t be taking it easy. Bet he’s still got a lovely garden, though. (News, 6 September)

“It’s probably just happened at a moment that coincided with some other things happening.”

CMS Cameron McKenna finance partner Andrew Ivison offers some searing analysis.
(City column, 6 September)

“Journalists and competitors like to give us labels.”

Said public sector supremo and head of outsourcing technology and commercial at public sector firm Pinsent Masons Clive Seddon. (City column, 13 September)

“You can’t be a proper lawyer unless you understand technology.”

Said Weightmans managing partner Paddy Gaul, proudly patting his shiny new abacus and checking his seaweed to see what the weather was going to be like that day. (News, 18 October)

“Before you put your values on your website, think of your great biller, who’s also an utter sh*t.”

We couldn’t possibly comment on who Jomati’s Tony Williams is talking about. You, on the other hand, can go nuts. (News, 31 May)

“I try to get up early and do some training before work, and if I can go out again at the end of the day then that’s a bonus.”

If only the rest of the country had been satisfied with MetLife Group UK head of legal and compliance Stephanie Fuller’s idea of a bonus, we might still have Woolworth’s. (In-house Interview, 5 July)

“Whether we use envelopes with windows in them or not is completely irrelevant.”

This unnamed Clifford Chance partner makes a valid point. With Royal Mail the way it is, it’s not as if the letter’s in any danger of actually being delivered. (Feature, 9 August)

“We don’t have contested elections.”

Quipped WilmerHale co-managing partner Bill Perlstein after being asked what his law firm has in common with Burma. (New York, 15 November)

“I called the courier controller and as I was the first to call and the nearest to Lovells, I was allocated the job.”

Hogan Lovells messenger Bernie Finn on the firm’s stringent recruitment process. We hear David Harris got his job the same way. (Back Page, 16 July)

“If you’ve never stuck your fingers into the heart of a putrefying cabbage, you haven’t lived.”

Fasken Martineau London regional managing partner Gary Howes has an unusual concept of fun. (Work-Life Quiz, 5 April)

“My daughter helped this charming old lady into the polling booth, only to come out a few minutes later with a horrified look on her face, saying, ’Oh my God, she’s voting BNP’.”

Edwin Coe head of litigation and former Labour parliamentary candidate David Greene describes his own encounter with a ’bigoted woman’ on the campaign trail in 2005. (Tulkinghorn, 17 May)