Law Society hails Clementi for offering ‘a better deal for consumers’

The Law Society today welcomed Sir David Clementi’s report into the way solicitors are regulated.

In his findings Clementi proposes that day to day regulation should continue to be handled by the Law Society, but that a new body of independent, lay officials – the Legal Services Board – will oversee the way this is carried out.

Edward Nally, the Law Sciety’s President, welcomed the change, saying: “We have no problem with independent scrutiny.”

Complaints against solicitors will be divided between the Law Society’s disciplinary body, the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS), and a new body, the Office for Legal Complaints, under new proposals.

New bodies comprised of accountants, barristers, lawyers and other professionals – a key recommendation by Clementi – will be titled ‘legal disciplinary practices’.