Bingham partner left for rights

Bingham McCutchen litigation partner Neil Micklethwaite has turned his back on the firm to set up a human rights litigation boutique with pal and former colleague Roger Gherson.

The new firm is obviously going to be dealing in a very honourable sector of the law, but the development does beg the question: what was a human rights litigation partner doing at Bingham, a firm that operates exclusively in the financial sector? Micklethwaite was hired to do litigation in the financial sector. And he has taken on some key cases at Bingham with fellow litigation partner Natasha Harrison. But it seems that his heart just wasn’t in it.

According to Micklethwaite, he’s delighted with the new venture because the boutique will give him the freedom to take on the work he wants to do while he won’t be subjected to the conflict of interest constraints that come with working for a large firm.

A fiesty source at Bingham said that, for what he wants to do, Micklethwaite is much better off setting up shop elsewhere.

It’s nice to know he leaves with their good wishes.