Off their rockers

I don't wanna be your tiger, I just wanna be your bloater

Tulkinghorn has always prided himself on being down with the yoof of today. He regularly listens to Radio 2 and even has a copy of Shakin' Stevens' greatest hits on his portable stereo, but he really can't compete with those dudes at Dickinson Dees. The firm's summer business briefing gives more than a hint of the mentality of the North East firm. Its branding states: “Dickinson Dees: Newcastle, Gateshead, Buzzin.” Buzzin? Where's that, asked Tulkinghorn innocently of one of The Lawyer's younger members. Apparently, it is a term (like 'happening') utilised by the yoof to denote a place, quite often a discotheque, that is vibrant. Perhaps more worryingly for the parents of prospective Dickinson Dees trainees, it is also – Tulkiknghorn has been led to understand – commonly associated with the high that can be achieved from taking drugs.
While Tulkinghorn is certain that no such references could have been intended or have any foundation in reality, the front cover illustration to this summer business briefing will inevitably lead some to conclude that the designers have been messing about with psychedelic substances. It depicts Elvis Presley wearing a goldfish bowl on his head playing a guitar underwater with two singing seals (presumably the senior partners) and lots of fish. On the back page is another image of Elvis's head morphed onto the body of a fish. Swimming with fishes? More like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, methinks.