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As a regular reader of The Lawyer, I always smile to myself when reading the eulogies dedicated to partners who are off to pastures new. Most are carefully constructed to express deep sadness at the parting with said partner, who was like a brother to most of the firm, while still hinting at how unimportant said partner actually was. So the vitriol spouted by Ian Rosenblatt against Robert Courtneidge in the 30 July issue ('Rosenblatt in lap dancing outburst') was refreshing, if rather alarming. And given the icy departures that I have witnessed in my time, which were more akin to a messy divorce than a mere career move, perhaps a little more honest.
While others may view Mr Rosenblatt's comments as remeniscent of a playground fight, I commend Mr Rosenblatt on his ability to liven up what was essentially a rather mundane story. Who cares whether the boss wants to wish a partner well in the future – The Lawyer needs more catfights.