Vote confirms desire to split Law Soc

The UK’s lawyers have voted through The Law Society’s proposal to take the resposibilty for regulation away from the Law Society Council.

At the society’s annual general meeting (AGM) in July, a motion was brought which “disapproved of the Council’s decisions to hive-off regulation beyond the control of the Council”. The motion was defeated at the AGM, but a postal ballot of the profession was also taken.

The results of the postal vote were counted this morning (Tuesday 13 September). Just 15,084 solicitors of the 123,562 polled responded to the ballot; 52.4 per cent, or 7,909 solicitors, voted against the motion, with the remaining 7,175 supporting it.

The result means the council’s approach on the issue of dividing regulation and representation is marginally supported by the profession.

Law Society president Kevin Martin said in a statement: “This result, in line with the outcome at the AGM, endorses the approach of Council on this important matter.”