Caubet partners peel off to create new firm

French firm Caubet Chouchana Meyer has collapsed after four partners quit to launch a rival boutique, leaving founding partner Jean Paul Chouchana to go solo.

Caubet had nine partners at the beginning of the year, but one by one they have departed, leaving the firm with just five prior to the decisions of Gaspard Brulé, Robert Meilichzon, Michel Meyer and Sylvia Spalter to quit.

The four partners have announced their intention to launch their own firm, which will be known as BMS. They have taken with them their entire team, bringing the total number of lawyers at their new firm to 12.

Founding BMS partner Meyer argued that a “lack of synergy” between the Caubet partners was the main reason behind the split.

He added that the four partners were hoping that BMS will have a flexible structure to enable them “to avoid freezing their relationship forever”. He said he hoped “to find a way to make their relationship evolve and last”.