TKB hit with BCCI suit

Turner Kenneth Brown is being sued by three former non-executive directors of crashed Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

An originating summons was issued earlier this month for the return of documents, tape recordings and other materials relating to the period between 22 August 1991 and 26 April 1994 when the firm acted for the plaintiffs.

The three – Yves Lamarche, Dr Alfred Hartmann and Johan Diderik Van Oenen – were former clients of TKB.

The three are now represented by Warner Cranston, which also served the originating summons.

TKB representatives will appear before a Queen's Bench judge to hear the application.

Partner Rhidian Jones says: “Other parties are asserting rights over the documents in our custody and we do not intend to part with any of them without a direction of the court.”

As BCCI directors, the three could face civil legal action commenced by the court-appointed liquidators in Luxembourg against a number of directors on the boards of various BCCI subsidiaries.

The liquidators aim to obtain damages on behalf of both the company in liquidation and the creditors.

That action claims negligence on the part of the board in the fulfilment of their duties as directors.

TKB was adviser to the non-executive directors since the BCCI banking scandal became public in 1991.

The non-executive directors claim that they were kept in the dark by majority shareholders in Abu Dhabi about BCCI's problems and have issued proceedings against them and other directors in the US.