Long-term relationships out of fashion

THE longstanding relationship between lawyer and private client is in many cases a myth, a survey shows.

Research reveals that only 50 per cent of people return to the solicitor they used last.

The findings are in a report by marketing firm Synergy which examines how solicitors can win and keep clients.

Synergy interviewed a representative sample of 80 clients in order to map out their experience of solicitors.

Interviews revealed an overall fear of solicitors as well as a lack of communication between lawyer and client.

One commented: “You want to know what your rights are, how much the case will cost to pursue, how long it will take and what the chances are of winning. But I don't really think anyone believes that you will get any of these questions answered satisfactorily.”

The research highlighted an increasing demand for specialist practitioners. The report also suggests how lawyers can keep their clients.