It has been a good week for:

Brixton solicitor Angello Hornby and Linklaters litigation partner Katie Bradford, who are among 500 leading women who are attending the 43rd Women of the Year Lunch this week. Hornby co-founded the Brixton all-female firm Hornby Ackroyd & Levy in 1980 and has created strong ties with the local community. Bradford is a property specialist and heads up Linklaters' property litigation unit.

Albanian student Klentiana Mahmutaj, who has just been granted a visa to come to Britain to study law at De Montfort University in Leicester, where she has been awarded a scholarship.

Right-wing Philadelphia lawyer Jerome M Marcus who is credited by the Sunday New York Times with having tipped off special prosecutor Kenneth Starr about Monica Lewinsky's affair with Bill Clinton. Marcus is said to have learned about the affair from his friend, literary agent Lucianne Goldberg, who is in turn a friend of Linda Tripp, Lewinsky's confidante.