It appears the Law Society has finally got its act together when it comes to representing the needs of its more commercial members.

For years the society has been criticised for being a squabbling mess that only really cared about representing the little people at high street firms and neglecting the needs of the City.

The process was kick-started by CMS Cameron McKenna consultant Fiona Woolf during her time as president, but it is pleasing, given his high street background, that it has not stopped under Andrew Holroyd’s leadership.

As revealed on the front page, the organisation is making serious efforts to lobby China to protect AIM. And this month it launches a dedicated international division, headed by the society’s Alison Hook.

The society has already begun its drive to assist the UK’s City firms with lobbying trips to India and Korea to push forward the opening up of these legal markets.

The international division shows that the Law Society could, after all, be the City’s friend.