Allen & Overy (A&O) has espoused the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ ethos with its new building housing a fancy-pants gym and bike racks and showers for staff who cycle to work.

And to prove that this is a top-down philosophy, behold, in technicoloured, Lycra glory the wonder of 12 of A&O’s most well-known partners. From left to right there is New York restructuring partner Ken Coleman, Belgian managing partner Wim Dejonghe, banking partner Simon Roberts, managing partner David Morley, projects partner David Lee, New York banking partner Ian Shrank, pensions partner Stefan Martin, real estate partner Rod Brown, Hong Kong banking partner Tom Brown, corporate partner Alistair Asher, pensions head Derek Sloan and Shanghai managing partner Simon Black.

Reclining is Morley fils, drafted in to drive a van full of the Dirty Dozen’s cycling equipment (as well as any partners who couldn’t take the strain).

Tulkinghorn hears from one of the group that this is an annual jaunt and that it was Morley’s turn to organise this time round.

While other years have featured a gentle peddle round Sardinia and even New Zealand, Morley decided to aim higher and chose the infamous Alpe d’Huez – the most challenging part of the Tour de France. To get to the point shown in the picture, the group had to cycle 12.5km up a gradient of 8.5 per cent and navigate 21 hair-pin bends.

And you wonder why you haven’t seen any de-equitisations of older, underperforming partners at A&O. Morley has other means…