The Cancun kid

The charming Keith Oliver, who specialises in business crime, commercial litigation and financial regulation at Peters & Peters, had his work cut out in Cancun. His multifarious talents were put to the test when he was drafted in as a last-minute replacement for firm colleagues Louise Delahunty and Monty Raphael, as well as Kingsley Napley's mutual assistance doyen Christopher Murray, who were all forced to pull out.
But besides Oliver's genuinely excellent performance when chairing the showcase corruption session, and as a panel member in the money laundering session, he also made a name for himself in other arenas. After some serious legal debate he headed off to play football with a motley English crew against lawyers from Uruguay, before throwing himself into the fray at a Lovells party.
The plan was to then head to the well-known teenage hang-out club Daddios, where a wet T-shirt competition was due to kick off.
However, Oliver wisely eschewed such sordid offerings to dance the night away at the conference centre's 1980s theme disco. Good on yer, Keith.