Cloisters hires new director from Law Society

Cloisters chambers has hired a new director, who joins after 15 years at the Law Society.

Gerald Newman was communications director at the Law Society, where he was responsible for parliamentary lobbying, website development and the launch of the popular lawyer tracking site,
He said that Cloisters has successfully ridden the storm since the departure of its crime practitioners to Tooks Court last year. Cloisters has recently hired six barristers, including commercial, public law and employment specialist Adam Solomon from Cardinal Chambers, personal injury (PI) and employment expert Paul Michell from Bridewell Chambers, and PI and employment practitioner Damian McCarthy from Tanwell Chambers.
Newman, a former high-street lawyer, said he hopes to get closer to real legal activity and was attracted to Cloisters because of its interest in human rights and public law issues.