Ye olde Mipim

Despite never having attended a Mipim event, Tulkinghorn feels as if he has lived through hundreds of the things after hearing the war stories of frazzled lawyers and journalists.

Lovells partner Bob Kidby has been a driving force in the war for client attention at Mipim, marshalling his troops at a series of ever-more outrageous parties. This year Lovells laid on a bash for around 800 people and Kidby was in the thick of it, relishing the clash of champagne flute on whiskey tumbler.

But Kidby is getting nostalgic for simpler times, when all you needed was a table in the hotel lobby and a bar tab. He opened up to one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes about the first Lovells party at Mipim 18 years ago, back in the days when the term ‘reality TV’ referred to EastEnders.

“Three people and a dog turned up,” said Kidby. “The three were architects and the dog was pissed.”