Beachcroft set to make redundancies

Beachcroft has axed its London-based international practice group (IPG) leaving one partner and five associates facing redundancy.

Beachcroft said that it would axe the group following a review of the firm’s international strategy.

Senior partner Simon Hodson said: “We’ve looked critically at what our clients need from us to support their international operations and concluded that those needs are better served by strengthening our relationships with firms in Europe, US, India and other countries rather than growing an in-house team of international lawyers and working through them.”

“I have been overseeing a programme to build our international business through close alliances with firms that operate in our key markets, and that work will guide our approach and investment decisions over the next few years.”

The redundancy consultation with the IPG members will begin on 12 May and end on 23 May.

John Yates, who is head of Beachcroft’s technology sector group and a member of the commercial services practice team where the IPG is based, added: “It’s not that we have abandoned international work – we can’t pretend we have
little England and our clients exist in some kind of domestic vacuum. We simply don’t want to service international clients through Beachcroft.”

It is understood that the associates leaving will be between five and eight years post qualification experience (PQE) level.

Yates said that in London Beachcroft will be recruiting for an NQ but explained: “We don’t currently have vacancies for people with their experience and their level of skills.”

Yates insisted that the redundancies were not motivated by cost savings.

Beachcroft’s IPG is made up of dual qualified and/or multi lingual lawyers with experience in international jurisdictions, particularly Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The firm said it would also focus on developing existing client relationships in key markets such as insurance and health.