August & Debouzy recruits rogue trader’s lawyer to the partnership

Nabarro‘s French best friend, August & Debouzy, has hired the lawyer representing former Société Général rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel as a partner.

Christian Charrière-Bournazel’s practice specialises in IP matters, media and white collar crime. He joins the firm with a team of four associates from his solo practice.

He represented Jérôme Kerviel, the French trader accused by Société Générale of massive fraud when he lost ;e4.5bn ;(£3.55bn). Charrière-Bournazel publicly stated that the bank had wanted to “raise a smokescreen that would distract the public’s attention from far more substantial losses that it had made in recent months, notably in the unbelievable subprime affair”.

Charrière-Bournazel is a respected lawyer in France and was elected president of the French bar for 2008 and 2009.