Baaaad dress sense

Tulkinghorn can exclusively reveal this week that City firm Lovells has been targeting certain legal hacks in a bid to improve the obviously questionable dress sense of its employees.

Imagine the following scenario in The Lawyer office last week: a certain hack (who shall remain nameless for these purposes, but whose New Zealand upbringing has perhaps had a questionable influence on her taste in clothes) was greatly excited to receive an invite to the Lovells 'what not to wear' party. The invitation promised a special presentation (for ladeez only, mind you) by a fashion consultant “on how clothes work to create your image”.

“This will be fun,” cried the hack, waving the invite at her other female colleagues. But the colleagues looked blank. Soon excitement had turned to mortification, as she realised no one else in the office had received one. Those lawyers at Lovells were obviously sending her a subtle hint.

“But what's wrong with wearing sheepskins?” she was heard mumbling under her breath later that day.