We’re really really sorry

Tulkinghorn doesn’t often have blonde moments. It’s difficult when you’re on the wrong side of the middle-age spread and any hair, grey or otherwise, is disappearing as fast as your memory.

Having just got to grips with all this newfangled law blogging, or blawging, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, Tulkinghorn was distressed to learn he’d made a technological faux pas.

In last week’s Web Week Tulkinghorn misprinted the link to the ‘legally blonde’ blawg. It should have been reallylegallyblonde.blogspot. com. Yes, really.

Still, the story has a happy ending. Tulkinghorn is now completely smitten with Susie Law School, author of this particular blonde blawg, and her enthusiasm and excitement at appearing within these hallowed pages.

Ah, youth these days. Tulkinghorn wonders if she’d be interested in meeting for a drink…