The deals on the bus

Tulkinghorn can bring you more heartening news that not all hot-shot lawyers drive pimp-mobiles. He hears that A&O very responsibly provides a bus to shuttle its lawyers between its Spitalfields office and its Canary Wharf outpost.

A busful of A&O partners is just too beautiful an image for Tulkinghorn to pass up. Possible contenders for the back seat would be projects partner Gareth Price, private equity partner Chris Thornes and finance partner Andrew Bamber. Let’s just hope there are no moonies on this bus.

Surprise entries for back-seat rebels also include global head of banking Mike Duncan (not at all the head-boy type) and projects partner Chris Rushton, who, Tulkinghorn is assured, would speak incessantly about cricket for the whole 15-minute journey.

The alpha females occupying the middle rows would be corporate finance partner Susan Howard and IP/IT partner Colleen Keck.

Sitting up front on best behaviour we have former head of corporate Mark Wippell and employment partner Karen Seward. We leave it open to readers to nominate the bus driver.