Feeling the heat in Cannes

The sun is out, but in Cannes, the temperature is only just beginning to rise. For those that may have missed it (it’s on The Lawyer website www.thelawyer.com), here are the highlights of reporter David Middleton’s annual Mipim blog so far.

Last year, Norton Rose made a point of emphasising its boat was bigger than Lovells’. This year, both firms have been shunted into the small-boat section of the harbour.

Under close watch from the harbour police, and with only a small water taxi parked between them, the size difference is even more apparent. Norton Rose’s Orient Star wins hands down.

But in one way at least Lovells has broken new ground this year. Yes, the firm’s boat is the first ever on the docks to boast it own blimp.

It’s been a quiet start to the Mipim festival this year, but one gets the feeling this is all about to change. The first interview was with DLA Piper and the firm’s co-global heads of real estate, David Taylor and Jay Epstein.

Epstein, whose wife handles the PR for a dating agency, was relaxed and comfortable with The Lawyer’s microphone shoved under his nose; Taylor was not. Nothing like a soothing cigarette to calm the nerves though.

My lunch was with the team from Field Fisher Waterhouse, who confided that they were keen to raise the profile of their real estate group. Plying your blogger with vino and seafood is a very good start.

In this blazing heat it is important to keep fluid intake at a high level; and the less wandering I have to do up and down under the sun the better.

Then again, I could always hitch a ride in one of the tasteful Simmons & Simmons rickshaws…