Don’t shoot if it’s cute

South African lawyers beware. DLA Piper competition partner Mike Pullen is coming – and he’s bringing a rifle.

While supping a red wine in Belgravia recently, Pullen, whom Tulkinghorn imagines was reclining in a leather chair in safari suit and under a giant wall-mounted rare moose head, let slip to one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes that he is going on a hunt and that he has a few specific targets in mind.

Pullen is under strict instructions “not to kill anything cute”, and apparently this includes such African beasts as lions, elephants and, err… bears.

While Pullen’s friends may want to check their African zoology textbooks, Zebras are apparently okay to hunt, as one friend wants a Zebra-skin bag. Well, if a friend wants it…
But Pullen’s main target (of course, only if they cross his sights) may well be South Africa partners. Tulkinghorn wonders if, when Nigel Knowles asked Pullen to help out with some headhunting, he didn’t get the wrong end of the stick?