Cars, cakes and clowns

Newsflash: The March edition of The Lawyer’s podcast is now on the website:

It’s Red Nose Day and law firms across the country are getting up to absurd activities all in the name of charidee.

Or are they? No red noses spotted yet at Simmons or A&O.

Someone at Pinsents has put his desk in the lift and has been working there all day.

CMS Cameron McKenna held a cake sale (bless) and got managing partner Dick Tyler to don a nose for most of the day.

Taylor Wessing has got half the firm to wear red.

But the award for clowns of the City (and we mean that in the nicest way) goes to Clifford Chance, which had a sit-up competition, for goodness’ sake.

But even better, some genius has managed to persuade not one but three senior managers to pose with a nose: senior partner Stuart Popham, managing partner David Childs and London managing partner Jeremy Sandelson.

And even better, we have photographic evidence. See story