This is the first deal for global agribusiness and industrial group Cargill and was won by KLegal, in true multidisciplinary style, through a referral from accountancy big sister KPMG. Tax and corporate finance accountants referred the client to the tied law firm so that the combined team could offer an all-round service.

The deal involved representing Cargill on the merger of its UK agricultural operations with those of UK-based Sidney C Banks Group. The link-up produces a 50:50 joint venture. The venture, which is subject to EU approval, will become one of the biggest agribusiness supply operations in the UK.

The KLegal team was led by former Simmons & Simmons lawyer Allan Rippon, now a director at the firm – the equivalent of salaried partner. He led a group of around 15 lawyers, including top-level commercial, property and employment capability.

The firm was called in to do the deal at the end of December and once up and running it had to finish the transaction in six weeks because of a tight commercial deadline.