Sleeping partners

It’s all very collegiate over at Linklaters, where the banking partners work together, play together… and now apparently go home together.

News reaches Tulkinghorn that star signing Adam Freeman has just shacked up with colleague Nick Syson after despatching his wife and children to her mum’s place while waiting to complete on his enormous new mansion (courtesy of Links’ spanking profit performance this year).

A webcam trained on Syson’s Kensington pad reveals that, a) Syson keeps nothing but champagne in his fridge, and b) Freeman has been exiled to the basement – although exactly what else is in the cellar is unclear.

Whatever’s down there, Tulkinghorn is sure it’s client-driven.

So what is this? Is Tony Angel so keen to keep profit heading for the stratosphere that he’s enforcing some kind of chumming-up diktat? Will this be the first of a series of domestic doubles (David Cheyne and the Germans, Angel sharing digs with Anthony Cann?) as part of the firm’s newfangled buddy scheme?