Simpson Thacher witnesses soccerball disaster

Hurray!!! Tulkinghorn has discovered a US firm that screened the US football game.

Hats off to Simpson Thacher & Bartlett for its contribution to the promotion of soccerball among the American community in London.

Unfortunately for London managing partner Walt Looney and his compatriots the soccerballers went down 3-0 to the mighty Czechs. While the Yanks were crying into their beers, a small Arsenal-supporting contingent was trying to contain its joy as the club’s new signing Tomas Rosicky was the star of the show.

In fact Simpson Thacher has bought into the World Cup big style. The firm is screening as many games as it can sustain interest in. To such an extent that yesterday’s scoreless bore draw between France and Switzerland was screened to a handful of expatriate French and Swiss lawyers.

Spare a thought for Clifford Chance’s French lawyers. While local managing partner Yves Wehrlie, who advises the French Football Association, was jetting in to Germany to watch Zinedine Zidane’s rather depressing retirement party, attempts to erect a big screen in the Paris office have hit the skids.

The firm is in the midst of a big office move and its lawyers will have to find a bar if they are to watch Thierry Henry sulking. Luckily the boss is going to all the French games so it shouldn’t be too difficult to sneak out for a cheeky pression.