Lawyers get the fluids on board at England v Paraguay

On day two of the world’s greatest sporting tournament, the time had finally come for the England team to show what it was made of.

By the end of the 90 minutes in 100 degree heat, that consisted of considerably less water than when they started.

Elsewhere in the ground though, some of the legal market’s finest were making the most of the chance to take on fluids.

Recruiters Fox Rodney and Abrahams Russell, never chaps to miss the chance for a good bit of networking, took five clients to the game.

One of them, Berwin Leighton Paisner‘s head of finance Simon Allan, ended up right behind the England wives and girlfriends with Greg Abrahams. Move quickly and you can still spot them on page five of today’s Standard Lite.

England’s first World Cup match also threw up the first conflict of the World Cup. Tickets to the game, or a seat at Hammonds’ weekend partner conference? Tricky.

Given England’s performance in the midday sun, with hindsight Tulkinghorn might have taken the latter.

But Hammonds sports group head Jonathan Taylor and colleagues plumped for the game, thus shamefully missing managing partner Peter Crossley’s keynote speech.

Although Taylor had managed to secure seats behind Paraguay’s goal for around a dozen happy clients, the joyless 90 minutes meant the real highlight was the post-match celebrations in Frankfurt.

Apparently the beer glasses are “a lot larger” in Germany, according to Taylor.

“We met up with the Couchman Harrington guys,” says Taylor, proving that his memory at least is in good shape.