Cauliflower jeers

What message was Denton Wilde Sapte (DWS) trying to send out at its press party last week?
The venue, the St Martins Lane Hotel, was upmarket enough. But the canapés are already heading the race for the worst of the year award. Top of the list was a new (at least to Tulkinghorn) innovation: cauliflower cheese on a teaspoon. One spy was heard to mutter: “That’s not a canapé, it’s working class food.” Shock horror! The great unwashed at a law firm party?
Other morsels included lumps of meat (rumour has it it was lamb) with no dips. The thought of it. And apparently there was only one vegetarian option (although personally Tulkinghorn believes that’s one too many).

DWS managing partner Howard Morris was overheard disparaging the cauliflower, which Tulkinghorn has always thought the most honest of vegetables (as vegetables go). Whether Morris was also the source of the class war comments remains unclear.