Camerons’ workforce reaps bonus benefits


Cameron McKenna has handed all employees, from partners to mailroom staff, a 6.05 per cent bonus on their annual salary.

The firm last month announced a preliminary profit figure of £63.4m, up 25 per cent, to go with an 11 per cent rise in turnover to £180.3m.

Camerons managing partner Dick Tyler said: “We had a formula to work out the bonus if we achieved our budget. It’s distinct from the profit that’s available to partners.

“Last year we put in place a scheme which provides all of our people with the opportunity to share in our success – if we beat our profit target.

“We have a reward system which is entirely transparent and provides the same incentive for everyone here to help the firm meet its objectives.”

The firm’s financial results were not affected by the sale of its premises by Israeli investor Igal Ahouvi, advised by Nabarro Nathanson, to Ireland-based Brooklands Group, advised by Tarlo Lyons.

“It’s happened two or three times since we’ve been in the building; the only change is who we make our rent cheques out to,” said Tyler.