Bob a job

Clifford Chance‘s risk management director Chris Andrews, once again settled into the routine of corporate life a couple of months after returning from his adventure rowing across the Atlantic, happened across one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes the other day.

With hands (and other parts) now blister-free, Andrews was free to look back at the trip through rose-tinted goggles. So while misprogramming the waypoints on his boat’s GPS system was an issue at the time, now it doesn’t seem quite so bad (for any would-be Atlantic voyagers among you, the solution was to clear the waypoints from the system and point the bows to Antigua. Simple).

While Andrews isn’t planning on doing any racing this summer, preferring to sit on the bank for the time being, he has been back in a boat on the perfectly flat, calm waters of the Thames. Presumably he was hoping for a return of the whale to feel more at home.