Big Nigel gives Brazil a taste of Boardmania

Friday afternoon and Tulkinghorn is itching to get out and amongst the World Cup fever! There’s nothing like a World Cup to keep the bars full for weeks on end and put a smile on everyone’s face. Well, at least until England meets Germany in the second round anyway.

In frank recognition of where most people’s priorities lay yesterday, parliamentary agent firm Sharpe Pritchard combined attendance of its seminar on leisure management projects with a chance to watch the England v Trinidad & Tobago game at the Grayz Inn Bar straight after. The name of the joint-event? ‘Leisure and Pleasure’. Tulkinghorn would have attended, but thought he might have needed his leather bondage gear.

Shoosmiths’ Birmingham office held a party at trendy bar Michu for yesterday afternoon’s game. Local managing partner Joel Kordan said there was free booze, food and competitions for the 150 odd guests, but admitted they invested a little extra in security to avoid a repeat of their Euro 2004 party, which was invaded by free-booze blaggers. Strange. Tulkinghorn doesn’t remember being in Birmingham at all during 2004….

But Kordan is another who Tulkinghorn has no sympathy for if he gets stuck at the back of the room and can’t see the TV. He was offered a ticket to a match, any match, in Stuttgart by clients DaimlerChrylser, who own the stadium but declined because he was “too busy”.

Walker Morris partner Martin Scott is clearly sick of football after defending Wembley arch steel contractor Cleveland Bridge in the litigation brought by Multiplex. When quizzed on his plans for the World Cup, Scott confided: “I’ll be watching the cricket instead”. No word yet on if he is turning back to football after England’s defeat to Sri Lanka in the Twenty20 last night!

But the final word of the week surely belongs to Slaughters corporate guru Nigel Boardman. The lucky blighter is flying out with a client to see the battle of the yellow as Australia take on Brazil on Sunday. In true Board-mania style though, the client is taking him to the game!

Our favourite Arsenal supporter, Boardman has just one other game to see in Germany this World Cup.

“I’m going to one of England’s games,” Big Nige told Tulkinghorn.

“Which one?” asked Tulkinghorn.

“The final.”

Amen to that.