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Cayman Islands Court of Appeal re-examines master-feeder redemption procedures

Introduction In the matter of Ardon Maroon Asia Master Fund (in Official Liquidation), CICA, 20 May 2020, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has reiterated the importance of following the natural and ordinary meaning of a fund’s articles, in order to ensure that redemptions are effective. This is particularly important in the context of a master-feeder […]

Cayman Islands bank regulatory update – July 2020

The Monetary Authority (Administrative Fines) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (the Amendment) came into force in the Cayman Islands on 26 June 2020. The Amendment amends Schedule 1 of the Monetary Authority (Administrative Fines) Regulations (the Regulations) to extend the administrative fines regime beyond breaches of the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations to a much broader spectrum of breaches under various Cayman regulatory laws, including the Banks and Trust Companies Law (collectively, the Regulatory Laws).

Three cases on contempt of court and what they mean for commercial fraud litigation

By Shantanu Majumdar QC Recent weeks have seen a spate of decisions on contempt of court. Most are sentencing cases and thus of little general interest since they turn on their facts. However, three cases do raise issues of general principle which not infrequently arise in the commercial fraud context. In this article, Shantanu Majumdar […]

Challenges faced by banks and the financial implications of lockdown

Many would be forgiven for comparing the current economic impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to that of the credit crunch over a decade ago. At the time it was suggested that the permanent damage done to the productive potential of nations across the world was a staggering $200 trillion of which £7.4 trillion was estimated in the UK. The longer the lockdown continues, intuitively, it feels like the financial implications may not be wildly different this time round. However, the challenges faced by the UK Government today are surely greater than those of 2008.


Required reading for 'shysters'

LAWYERS are “punks, weaklings, con artists and losers” and they are destroying the United States of America. At least that’s what you’re likely to believe if you’re an avid reader of the attorney-bashing US journal AntiShyster. Amid advertisements for ammunition and cartoons of barristers beating Lady Justice with hammers, nestle articles aimed at exposing the […]

Solicitor advocates shy from Bar

SOLICITOR advocates say that Bar Council proposals to make it easier for solicitors to join the Bar are overdue but are unlikely to entice them to make the transition. While the Bar may enjoy the benefit of lower overheads, solicitor advocates reject Bar Council claims that they would gain any more “guaranteed independence”. They blame […]

Top Scots firm opens in Lithuania

GLASGOW practice Bishop and Robertson Chalmers has opened an office in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius. The firm, one of the largest in Scotland, is opening in the former communist state after 18 months of research in the region showed there was a market for providing advice to Western businesses and investors. The office, officially […]

Aclec hits audience stalemate

THE LORD Chancellor’s advisers are in apparent deadlock over extended rights of audience for in-house and CPS solicitors. After months of deliberation, a majority of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Legal Education has rejected the in-house case for extended advocacy rights. But Law Society president Charles Elly told the society’s council last week he […]

US lawyers set to get revision course

THE COLLEGE of Law has announced plans for a second preparatory course for US lawyers hoping to qualify as solicitors in the UK. The four-day revision course, which provides extra tuition for people intending to sit the twice-yearly qualified lawyers transfer test (QLTT), will be held at Manhattan’s Practising Law Institute from 26 to 29 […]

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