Litigation Writs 13/06/95

Former navy mechanic Ian Liddle who was severely injured in an accident last year is suing the Ministry of Defence. Liddle, of Portsmouth, lost one eye and suffered head injuries after being trapped and crushed by a lift while working on HMS Illustrious in January 1994. His writ says a lift above him was activated and came down on top of him. Forks on the bottom of the lift penetrated his face and trapped his head. He accuses the MoD of negligently failing to provide proper fencing, failing to a provide mechanism that would automatically halt the lift if someone was in its way, failing to provide supervision of movement of the lift, failing to provide means of communication between Liddle and others who might operate the lift and failing to supervise or train him and others properly in the safe operation of the lift.

Writ issued by Innes & Co, Portsmouth.

A jeweller's bookkeeper accused of forging and cashing cheques worth £250,000 belonging to her employers is being sued for damages. The writ claims Lucy Cracknell misappropriated £224,962 from M Abram, who traded from 34-35 Hatton Garden, London, between June 1992 and March 1995. Now the company is suing Cracknell, of Brixton, London SW2, for return of the money, damages, and interest. The writ claims Cracknell obtained the signature of authorised signatories on the cheques by saying that money was due to HM Customs and Excise for VAT and excise duty, and then altered the name of the payee to her own name, or to cash, or used a nominee before presenting the cheques for payment.

Writ issued by Abram & Co of Cursitor Street, London EC4.

Farm worker John Hill of Peterborough is taking his former bosses to the High Court seeking damages over what he says are the after-effects of exposure to dangerous chemicals during the course of his work. Hill claims he became chemically hypersensitive and cannot work in close proximity to chemicals after being exposed to Actellic D, an insecticide. He blames his former employers, William Tomkins, of Apethorpe, Peterborough. The writ claims in early 1993 he was instructed to treat grain with the insecticide and to use spraying equipment. Afterwards he says he felt ill but the writ claims he was required to use the substance again.

Writ issued by Leigh Day & Co, London WC1. H606.