Election round-up. On the Law Society campaign trail

HENRY HODGE: “Has the experience and the ability to effectively lead the profession, promoting service to the clients and decent remuneration for solicitors.”

– Promote a guideline fee structure for conveyancing and proceed with work on defined retainers.

– Cut the practice certificate by 10 per cent, promote no-claims bonuses for indemnity funds and penalty deductibles for those with bad claims records.

– Turn the Solicitors Complaints Bureau into an agency targeting firms with poor complaints record for attention and set up regional conciliation services.

– Continue to develop help lines and provide subsidised help on practice management.

– Consult over the abolition of minimum salaries for trainees and replace with guideline salaries with safety net minimum.

– Law Society reform could include a 'Parliament of Council', local law societies and specialist sections with decision making “cabinet” accountable to that parliament.

– Fight legal aid reform plans.

MARTIN MEARS: “A genuinely radical candidate who can identify the profession's main problems and is determined to solve them.”

– Stop building regional offices, conduct external audits on the cost and usefulness of present offices in UK and Brussels and reduce Law Society staff through natural wastage.

– Drastically reduce the number of training course places to as little as 1,000 a year to cut surplus of lawyers.

– Transfer the cost of indemnity insurance in conveyancing transactions to disbursement directly levied on client.

– End SCB's quasi-independence by bringing it back

completely in-house with complaints handling monitored by Law Society visitor with appeals tribunal appointed by Master of the Rolls.

– Place the day-to-day running of the council in the hands of elected office holders accountable to council meeting at least once a month. President should stand for re-election for up to two more years.

– No quotas or targets to promote anti-discrimination.

– Law Society has lost legal aid battle but will fight reforms.

EILEEN PEMBRIDGE: “Can deliver change, has a reputation for standing up for the profession and hasn't been afraid to speak out against the Law Society Council.”

– A defined conveyancing retainer, practice rule and discount insurance premiums for firms with quality accreditation. Favours separate representation in long term.

– Oppose the unworkable aspects of divorce law reform and trumpet the undervalued family lawyer.

– Extend regional offices and local initiatives.

– Boost the role of women lawyers and those from ethnic minorities in the profession and Law Society as part of democratisation plans to make Chancery Lane more representative of profession.

– Promote practice and/or case management standards as valuable marketing tools for firms alongside more information hot-lines.

– Deposit for complainants (refundable if complaints are substantiated) to SCB and bar on complaints by clients' opponents unless backed by independent legal opinion.

– Fight legal aid reform plans.