Barrister claims race bias at Bar after tribunal

A BLACK barrister has accused the Bar Council of racial discrimination over its decision to take disciplinary action against him.

Jonathan Deve's case was brought before an industrial tribunal in central London last week but was adjourned until August.

Deve was brought before a Bar disciplinary hearing for allegedly misleading the court during a case in which he was involved. He was found guilty and suspended for six months.

He did not appeal against the suspension – which has now been served – but decided to pursue the Bar at an industrial tribunal.

Deve claimed last week he had been accused of the disciplinary offence because of his colour. “I never did anything wrong. They accused me because I was black.”

A spokesman for the Bar Council said he could not discuss the case until the tribunal hearing.

An industrial tribunal also dismissed Peter Herbert's complaint of racial discrimination against the Bar Council, made after he was warned about a letter he wrote to David Pannick QC.

Two tribunal cases against legal organisations have been concluded. In the first, a porter lost his claim for unfair dismissal from the Legal Aid Board. In the second, an employee of Salamons Solicitors, London, reached a settlement on a wages dispute.