Statham Gill shies away from Tenon association

Statham Gill Davies, the niche music practice that was bought by the professional services group Tenon in October 2001 for £7.1m, has distanced itself from its parent in an attempt to compete more successfully with independent law firms.

The firm has moved out of the Tenon offices and has dropped the Tenon name. After the merger it had been known as Tenon Statham Gill Davies.

One of the firm’s partners, Kaz Gill, refused to offer any explanation for the changes, but claimed that his firm had not dropped the Tenon name as a result of negative feedback from clients.

However, a Tenon insider admitted the move was a result of the market reaction to the firm being part of Tenon and having to compete with non-accountancy-related firms, such as Russells, Clintons and Lee & Thompson. The source said: “In terms of the strategy relating to the move, [Statham Gill] were the drivers behind it.”

Despite the distancing, the Tenon source confirmed that Statham Gill remained “still fully part of Tenon in every way”.