Letters of the law

The Olympics are coming and Tulkinghorn for one is jolly excited. However, the bosses at Collyer-Bristow and Richards Butler have added a bit of extra spice to their Olympic summer: both firms are sponsoring leading UK sailors and have upped the ante by betting their reputations on which sailor performs better.

Collyer-Bristow’s man Ben Ainslie races in one class, while Richards Butler’s duo of Mark Bulkeley and Leigh McMillan race in another.

The bet is between Collyer-Bristow’s chief executive Jonathan Fox and Richards Butler managing partner Roger Parker. Whoever finishes lowest will force their sponsor’s boss to adopt the role of mail boy for the day.

The win-win scenario is both sailors winning gold (or silver, bronze, or even equal last for that matter), which would force both bosses into their rival’s mailroom for a day.

God only knows what the real mail-boys think of having to slum it with their bosses.