HR survey: Dundas & Wilson

HR head
Jim Stanley.

Trainee retention rate
60 per cent.

Assistant attrition rate
23 per cent.

Salary range
NQ – Scotland £29,000;
NQ – London £45,000. London weighting plus 30 per cent;
6PQE – £70,000.

Annual bonuses of up to 25 per cent.

Each of the firm’s four divisions has its own annual training and development plan. In-house seminars and a range of soft skills training (including business development, presentation and networking skills) are also on offer.

Annual and mid-year appraisals, combined with continuous feedback throughout the year. Additionally, there is an initial self-assessment, which is then discussed between the appraiser and those with whom the appraisee has worked. An appraisal meeting follows, during which performance objectives are agreed.

Partner progression
Twenty-two per cent of partners are home-grown, and 23 per cent of partners are laterals. Youngest partner 32. Partners are selected through the preparation of a business case and interviews with relevant partners and the HR director.

Billable hours target
1,200 hours for partners, 1,400 for all other fee-earners.

Flexible and part-time working

Holiday entitlement
Twenty-five days per annum, with the option to buy or sell five days.

Permanent health, private medical and life and accident insurances. All employees are entitled to join the pension scheme, with contributions dependent on age, ranging up to 10 per cent.